Chef Heidi will always treat you with special care while planning your event and will always strive to deliver the exceptional. 

 From intimate gatherings to large scale events Chef Heidi has you covered.  She'll help you plan every detail and will work to ensure that everything is just as you wish it to be.

 If you're looking for personalized healthy cuisine, or to go all out impressing clients or family, Heidi will develop a menu that's perfect for any occasion.

 For delicious food and great customer service, Call Chef Heidi!

 Chef Heidi comes from a family of cooks.  Some of Heidi‚Äôs fondest memories are of cooking together with her parents and her brother.  Not only daily family meals but many a meal for large holiday gatherings at the homes of aunts, uncles and grandparents inspired Heidi to stretch her culinary skills.  Her mom and dad hosted parties regularly and her mom taught Heidi the fine art of entertaining and creating a memorable party from an early age.

 Chef Heidi has built on those family traditions.  She has been catering special events for 30 years.  In July 2008, she added a degree in culinary arts from Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Austin to her credentials.

Chef Heidi enjoys creating dishes inspired by the world's great cuisines.  She prepares each dish with the finest ingredients and infuses it with passion and creativity.  She is constantly looking for new flavors and ingredients to add flair to the dishes she prepares to create a memorable experience for her clients.

Chef Heidi is committed to serving the finest foods, made with the freshest ingredients and providing courteous, responsive service.